How to Create Cozy Lighting in Your Home

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Hygge, the Danish concept of enjoying the small pleasures in life and creating a warm atmosphere, can help us all build a home in which we can truly relax.

You can do this with your choice of furniture, colors, textures, and – crucially – lighting. A soft, ambient glow will cultivate a cozy atmosphere and bring a more luxurious feel to any room.

Designers and brands today offer an extensive variety of lighting options, giving us all a choice of ways to embrace illumination in the hygge mindset.

Install Dimmer Switches

Adding a dimmer switch into a room allows you to personalize the lighting to your exact taste or mood: simply soften the bulbs’ glow by turning a knob without having to ‘settle’ for the standard setting of an average overhead fixture.

Embrace LED Lights

LED string lights are easy to find, and create a beautiful effect in almost any place they’re hung. Drape these around your hearth, over a mirror, or around the banister on your staircase to bring a soft glow and draw attention to specific fixtures.

Another benefit of string lights is the sheer range of colors available. Blues, reds, greens, yellows, whites, and more are all widely stocked, with the cables themselves often featuring distinctive designs.

Fit Corner Lamps

Light emanating from the corners of a room is much more relaxing and comfortable than a single overhead glare. Invest in a selection of freestanding lamps for the corners of your lounge, bedroom, or dining room for an ambient effect.

Corner lamps are particularly effective when overlooking your favorite reading chair, providing enough light to see by yet still seeping out into the wider room for that relaxed feel.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lights are incredibly stylish and simple to install. Though these are popular in kitchens, spilling light across worktops with a simple tap, they’re equally effective elsewhere in the home.

Nurture a warm, cozy atmosphere by placing under-cabinet lights on your bookcase or under a shelf in the center of a wall – these give you an extra source of illumination when needed.

Candles are a Perennial Favorite

As well as low-key electrical light, candles are a terrific option for cultivating a homely, relaxed atmosphere.

There’s a wide variety of types available, with different shapes, colors, and sizes, so don’t be afraid to experiment if you want to leave them naked. On the other hand, you might prefer to burn candles inside lanterns. Vintage designs, incorporating glass and metal, have a rustic charm that can contribute to your overall aesthetic.

Make More Use of Your Fireplace

Of course, you can always rely on the soft, comforting, warm glow of a roaring fireplace to create a luxurious atmosphere.

Not only is the crackling sound delightful, but the flickering light helps to evoke a romantic, natural effect, bringing the simple joy of sitting around a campfire into the home. If you’re trying to emulate a rustic, countryside cottage aesthetic, the light of a burning fireplace is an absolute must.

Each of these options has the power to transform any room, creating the blissful ambiance you dream of. Experiment with different methods and switch from one to the other to keep your lighting scheme fresh.

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