Styling a Room with Texture: Layering for Warmth

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In winter, it’s vital to fill the home with warmth, comfort, and color. Blankets, scatter cushions, and throws in soft, tightly-woven materials all help to cultivate a sense of coziness and relaxation. However, while this has obvious practical benefits during colder months, adding greater texture to any room is a powerful style-choice all the year round.

Diverse textures in a room bring much greater visual and tactile depth. Both of these help to make a room far more appealing and inviting – and it’s surprisingly simple to achieve.

Focus on Comfort Underfoot

Rugs are an often-overlooked feature in the home. While hardwood flooring remains popular today, this can look sparse, cold, and uncomfortable in bare feet. If you’re searching for a way to make any room feel cozier, adding a rug is a simple yet effective option.

Choose a soft, natural fabric with a strong weave, to maximize the rug’s comfort. Earthy tones, such as browns and greens, will help create more warmth, especially with touches of gold or yellow in its design. A shag rug is a popular, stylish, comfortable choice, but explore a range of textures. Pay attention to its thickness, its feel against the skin, and the strength of its weave: you want a rug that stands up to years of repeated footfall.

Invest in Luxurious Curtains

Curtains can transform the entire look and feel of any space. Thin, worn, rough curtains in a faded color do little to make a room inviting or cozy.

Instead, invest in new curtains with a thick, heavy feel. Velvet curtains are especially luxurious, not only carrying a sense of elegance and sophistication, but also guaranteeing a gentle sensual-experience with every touch. The heavier and thicker they are, the better they’ll keep the cold outside, too.

It’s best to choose understated yet earthy colors when buying velvet curtains. Consider brown, burgundy, navy, or purple.

Experiment with Throws and Blankets

Placing a throw over your couch or armchair will breathe whole new life into older furniture. Not only does layering contrasting texture over another (such as velvet or wool over vinyl) create a more diverse tactile experience, it also makes any sleeker, colder materials warmer. You want to feel as if your couch or chair is a cozy spot to enjoy comfort at its most luxurious, and having a thick, heavy throw or blanket to hand does this beautifully.

A throw with a tight weave, made from organic wool, captures a natural, rustic feel. In even the most modern décor, a throw or blanket made from durable, soft material brings a much more welcoming warmth and comfort.      

While you should have a couple of throws or blankets in your lounge and bedroom, they’re beautifully simple to carry with you from one room to another; if it’s particularly chilly or you’re just loving the feel of it against your skin, you can drape or wrap the throw or blanket around you. Take the comfort of your favorite spot wherever you go.

Cover Bare Spots

Add texture and softness wherever you can, to bring much more diverse colors and comfort to any space.

Fit upholstery to any bare wooden chairs, throw velvet runners on your tables, fit bedskirts, and place scatter cushions on couches and chairs. All of this brings a cozier feel to any décor, encouraging a softer, more welcoming style. Think about luxurious hotels which favor rustic, homely coziness: layering is crucial for maximizing comfort and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Millstrand Co. is dedicated to bringing more coziness and warmth into your life. We use only the strongest, most durable materials to keep you comfortable, snug, and stylish – building pieces that not only embrace timeless style, but are designed to last.

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