Everything you Need to Know About Choosing the Right Rug Size

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Rugs have the power to transform the entire look and feel of a room. In a bedroom with hardwood floors and little decoration, a rug brings more texture and layers. In a homely lounge decorated with the hygge mindset, rugs heighten the warm coziness to another level.

However, choosing a new rug can be somewhat intimidating if you’ve never bought one before. There’s also no one-size-fits-all rug for every room and décor, either – you have to find the perfect size for each space.

Here’s everything you need to know …

Decide on the Layout

Do you want your rug to lie between your coffee table and seats, framed by the furniture, or would you prefer to have legs sitting on the rug instead?

There’s no right or wrong, but you need to make sure you measure with this in mind. In a small room, an oversized rug will draw more attention to the limited space, while a small rug will do the reverse for a big room. Having your furniture’s legs on the rug will make the suite feel like one rather than separate components, and minimizes the amount of bare flooring visible for a warmer, more comfortable layout.

Decide on which arrangement will suit you best, and then measure accordingly. If you want your couch and chairs to sit entirely on the rug, measure between the two from a couple of inches behind each. This will frame the furniture and keep the seating area neat.

If you’d rather have your rug floating between furniture, make sure it’s nicely framed: leave more than a couple of inches from the seats and the rug’s edge. Usually, 5’ by 8’ is a safe bet, giving you plenty of room to play with.

Balance Floor Space

Whether you choose a big or small rug, make sure you balance the amount of floor space around it for symmetry.

Even if you have to adjust your seating area a little, such as pushing your chairs closer to your couch, an even layout avoids a disjointed aesthetic. It’ll also make sure your rug looks intentionally small rather than the result of poor judgment on your part.

Rugs for the Bedroom

Rugs are a popular addition to the bedroom. If you plan to fit one underneath your bed (to prevent unwanted movement and add extra comfort underfoot), you need to leave extra space for framing.

The rug should be big enough to surround the bed, equal on all sides. Measure accordingly, but if you can’t get a rug to suit the exact dimensions, go for bigger than smaller – this will bring a more attractive, neater look than a rug hidden away can.

If you plan on having your rug at the foot of your bed or in the center of the room, consider a round design. These are very stylish, and in a smaller size can look incredibly homely and warm.

Rugs are crafted to bring added warmth, texture, color, and comfort to your home, so finding the right size is vital. Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice before investing, and always pay attention to those all-important dimensions.

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