Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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The fall is a perfect time to cozy-up your home with a little hygge charm.

It’s a season revolving around taking pleasure in falling temperatures and nature’s changing colors: you get your fire crackling, you wear knitted cardigans, you drink hot chocolate.  You’re also likely to spend more time at home, relishing the warmth and comfort of your own sanctuary.

With this in mind, why not revitalize your home with new features and colors? Find inspiration in these irresistible decorating ideas …

Breathe New Life into Furniture with Throws

Now that colder weather’s settling in, add throws to your couches and chairs to cultivate a warmer, more inviting feel.

Not only do these bring more textual diversity, and make all those cozy evenings on the couch more comfortable, they can also inject more color – go for browns, reds, and oranges to reflect the season.

Hang Wreaths to Bring the Outdoors In

A selection of wreaths hung around your apartment or house will nurture some rustic hygge goodness, emphasizing the ‘earthy’ feel of the season.

You can either try crafting your own (a fun, cost-effective hobby for all the family) or buy beautiful, authentic pieces made with organic materials. Try to incorporate a variety of different colors to suit each room’s look. .

Invest in New Rugs

Alongside throws, rugs are a must for fall. A tightly-woven, plush piece brings more comfort underfoot and adds different texture (especially helpful on cold, sleek hardwood floors). Put it in front of your hearth to make sitting in front of a roaring fire truly irresistible.

A rug can also brighten up a room with minimal effort. Accents of red, gold, and green are terrific options to reflect fall’s diverse palette.

Keep Your Lighting Ambient

Ambient lighting is a powerful aspect of the hygge mindset: a subtle glow can transform the entire look and feel of a room.

Place one or two lamps around your lounge, especially beside your favorite chair for reading in – few things are quite as cozy as snuggling beneath a blanket with an engrossing book. The trick is to provide enough illumination for comfortable visibility without filling the space with glaring light.

Add lamps with rustic wooden stands for a true rustic charm, and consider housing candles in vintage metallic lanterns. Embrace this approach in your bathroom too – and treat yourself to long, relaxing soaks in the tub.

Display Your Firewood

Keeping firewood on display serves an obvious practical purpose – eliminating the need to venture outside for another few logs – but also cultivates an authentically-rugged aesthetic.

Keep your firewood in tightly-woven wicker baskets in the corner of your lounge or kitchen, or stack it on either side of your hearth.  This makes even the most modern apartment or house resemble a countryside cottage.

Scatter Cushions Across Your Furniture

To reinforce some blissful fall comfort, place scatter cushions on your couches and chairs. These make your furniture more inviting, and diversify your textures – try to mix a few different materials together (such as velvet, wool, and satin).

You can also use cushions to introduce more colors, raising or subduing the brightness for a more eclectic look.

Follow these fall decorating ideas to make your cozy afternoons and evenings at home more luxurious, relaxing, and blissful than ever!

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